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Paintball Activities For adults and children in Walloon Brabant

Paintball is ideal in several frameworks of activities such as team building, birthdays, bachelor or simply between friends

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With more than 6 years of experience, paintball bw welcomes you on these 2 woodlots on more than 10000m ². We will offer various scenarios to add excitement and roles to your paintball games.


Adults price

  • 25 euros /200 balls / 2hours

  • 35 euros  / 400 balls/ 2 hours

  • 50 euros / 600 balls/ 4hours

Paintball activities

for childrens

Your specialist for child paintball in Brabant-Walloon. 2 hour session with professional facilitator. totally secure with equipment suitable for their age. An ideal activity for children from 8 to 12 years old (primary).


Children price

  • until 10 players 25 euros per children

  • After 10 players 15 euros per children

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paintball activities

For teenagers

Paintball activities

Night sessions

From 13 years old (first secondary) teenagers play with the same equipment as adults. We will offer them several game modes such as, capture the flag, VIP, Medecin or fortnite (royal battle).

Teenager price

  • 25 euros /200 balls / 2 hours

  • 30 euros / 300 balls/ 2 hours

  • 35 euros / 400 balls/ 2 hours

Want to live an extraordinary and unique experience in Walloon Brabant?

Night paintball is for you with more stress and adrenaline.

Night session price

  • 40 euros / 250 balls / 2 hours (overalls includes)

Paintball activities

Bachelor parties

We organize your bachelor party.

The future married will be honored with our different scenarios.

A rabbit or chicken costume is available for purchase or ready.

Paintball activities

Team building

Paintball is the perfect activity for team building.

The different scenarios we propose reinforce team cohesion. Regardless of the number of participants we can provide you with a personalized quote.

Paintball activities


Near Louvain-la-neuve, Paintball bw is the ideal place for student meetings (UCL) or to decompress after exams.



We are partners with different non-profit organizations that organize internships during the school holidays.

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