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Paintball activity

Team building in brabant-wallon

Do you want to improve the cohesion of your staff in your company? Nothing like organizing a teambuilding at paintball BW. Thanks to our different scenarios, team spirit and mutual aid are essential in order to be able to achieve the final victory.

team building

Team building

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Outside the professional framework, in order to break the routine, to unite the teams, and quite simply to get to know each other better on a personal level

We offer a team building at Paintball Bw, the perfect place to set the mood, bring people together and create good memories.

The concept of challenge is very important in team building, the goal being that everyone gives the best of themselves but in a positive and relaxed spirit.

By bringing your team together on our field, you make them realize that the collective and the team will be stronger than the sum of the individuals.

Paintball with us also means creating or improving the existing links between employees, mobilizing various skills (sometimes unusual!), and ensuring that your different employees discover themselves from new angles.


  • A personalized offer.

  • privatization of infrastructure from 40 players.

  • Teamplay oriented scenarios.

  • Picnic area with BBQ.

  • Possibilities of sessions between 2h and 6h.

  • Food truck (40 pers minimum).

  • Professional animators.

  • Car park

  • Toilets

  • Price excl. VAT 6%


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