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General condition of Paintball Bw

  • Internal regulations By reserving you accept by default the rules below.

  • The organization reserves the right to enter the field.

  • The organization is released from any responsibility in the event of theft in the parking lot or in the game area. The consumption of alcohol or illegal substances is prohibited throughout the rental and the organization reserves the right to refuse access to any person under the influence of such substances.

  • Paintball is trying both morally and physically, therefore the players declare to be in good physical and moral condition to participate.

  • The use of personal balls is STRICTLY prohibited.

  • The management reserves the right of control at any time.

  • Paintball is above all a game, Fair play remains in force in all cases.

  • The players agree to respect the decisions of the referees.

  • Players must respect the equipment provided by BW paintball.

  • The equipment provided must be returned in good condition.

  • Any damaged or lost part can be invoiced with a minimum of 30 €. The players agree to respect the places (environments and huts).

  • No litter will be left on the ground.

  • I authorize paintball BW to take photos and videos for advertising purposes, if you do not wish it to be used please report it on the day of your paintball.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use paintball equipment outside of secure play areas.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use smoke or paint grenades, firecrackers or any other pyrotechnic articles.

  • Be in order of family insurance.

  • Paintball-bw disclaims all responsibility in the event of a personal accident related to wooded terrain (wood on the ground, stump, tree branches).

  • Do not jump on the gaming infrastructure

  • A deposit is required for any reservation, for any cancellation it must be sent by email at least 48 hours in advance of the reservation date. If a cancellation less than 48 hours is requested the deposit will be lost.

  • In case of non-compliance with the regulations and safety instructions paintball-bw discharges all responsibilities.


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Rules of the game

  • Wearing a mask is MANDATORY in the field. In no case will you remove your mask in the play area, even if you are affected.

  • Do not shoot within 10 meters. If you're too close, don't shoot!

  • No physical contact will be tolerated.

  • It is strictly forbidden to jump on obstacles, to move them.

  • During the game, it is forbidden to go outside the game limits. Going outside the limits will result in disqualification for the game in progress.

  • We don't pick up any balls that has fallen to the ground.

  • You are "eliminated" when you are hit by a marble.

  • The keys are valid on the body as well as on the marker.

  • Splashes don't count as touches.

  • Once you are hit, you must leave the play area by raising your arms. (ALWAYS keep the mask).

  • You cannot arm your marker before the referee's whistle, as soon as you leave the play area, you must disarm your marker and return the barrel bag.

  • For the smooth running of the activity we will not accept any negligence with regard to security, any person not respecting these rules will be immediately excluded from the field without refund.


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